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Advanced Planning




Expressing and legally documenting preferences and instructions can protect you or your family members from financial abuse or exploitation. 



Designating healthcare decision-makers and documenting instructions can create peace-of-mind, minimize dissension and anguish among friends and family and ensure compliance on critical decisions.



Advance planning can be a very comforting and satisfying process, especially when it's managed by an experienced and trusted legal professional.  We understand the sensitivities and complexities of these planning decisions, and will ensure that your intentions are clear and properly documented-so you can rest assured about the future.


If you have close family and friends, expressing your preferences clearly and encouraging them to do the same is one of the greatest gifts you can give them to ensure they are aware of your wishes-and to save potential confusion or conflict later on.


Clear, legally documented instructions can also save costly and time-consuming legal intervention in the future.





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